E-mail providers that preserve your privacy.

E-mail providers that preserve your privacy.

We are such freaks when it comes to our privacy and security aren’t we?

Most of Today’s E-mail providers do not respect your privacy in which they massively have access to your information and mail content which is.. a bit scary!

There are however, quite a lot of E-mail providers and solutions to use in order to protect your privacy and preserve it for sure.

One of these solutions is to use PGP Encryption when sending your Email that contains some sensitive information.

There is for sure many tools that enables you to use PGP very easily including the following:

1- Gpg4win.org – (For Windows).

2- Kleopatra (For Windows) I really suggest it and i use it myself on my windows machine.

3- GnuPG (For Linux) It is so far the infamous GnuPG, check the link to learn more!

4- GPG Suite (For Mac OS)

There is for sure a lot of tools you can use but these are my favorites as they tend to be easy-to-use whether GUI’s or not.

PGP Encryption is not the only thing you can do to preserve your privacy for sure. As there are a lot of E-mail providers who truly value your privacy.

We listed one of the best we could find below.

1- Cock.li Very transparent provider, no personal information collected at sign up. Has an onion service and Tor-facing webmail. Requires JS, but uses the open-source RoundCube software. POP3/IMAP support.

2- Sofia! (Onion link) great provider. You should try it. Supporting multiple identities and send emails with fake identities.

3- Mail.ru secondary email is not verified, BAD will lock your account later when using tor, no anon recovery possible, but beware! (mail.ru develops and spreads spyware called mail.ru guard).

4- Cadamail.com (Onion link) totally free and easy to register, pop3 + imap, unlimited inbox size, relatively fast, supports sending to most onion mails and works without javascript.

D33Onion team