Huawei’s new Android-replacing operating system: summarized report

Huawei’s new Android-replacing operating system: summarized report

Huawi is ready for a comeback

As seen in the latest news Huawei has been and for a while now preparing an alternative ,self-developed mobile operating system to replace Android after the ban and restrictions forced against it by the US , the cause : Huawei was accused of spying for the Chinese government and posing a great risk to US national security .

The brand has confirmed earlier statements from Richard Yu , outlining that the OS could be ready for China in late 2019 and internationally in 2020, ARE STILL ACCURATE .

It was reported that the Chinese tech giant knew the ban was coming and was preparing for it , the OS was ready in January 2018 as a “plan B” , so why wasn’t it brought to the market ?

In an interview with TECKRADAR , Alaa Elshimy Managing Director and Vise President of Huawei Enterprise Business Goupe Middle East stated it was because of the strong relationship Huawei had with Google and others .

the OS which could be called Ark OS will be compatible with mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs, connected cars, smartwatch, smart wearables and others.

All applications that work with Androis are expected to work with this new OS without any need to further customization, users will also be able to download apps from Huawei AppGallery .

Huawei Managing Director and Vice President also added that Huawei is the only one using their own chipset which is why they have full control and freedom to move as they want .

But Huawei and hisilicon lost their right to create SoC Kirin ARM , the news was a huge hit for the Chinese tech brand that acquired a certain lead in this area over its competitors. ARM , subsidiary of the Japanese Softbank , justifies its decision because its SoCs and licensed architectures contain American technologies , knowing that there are only two companies in the world that have rights in SoC architecture: Intel and ARM , (Intel belongs to the USA) . the firm would now be forced to create it’s own SoC technologies but is it only possible?

In another hand Google in trying it’s best to make the case to the the Trump administration , it and other US companies stand to lose a significant amount of money if they can no longer do business with a company as large as Huawei and that it also needs to be able to provide technology to the brand in the name of US national security .

The Chinese brand is working hard to stay on the smartphone market and keep the late success it made this past months, the brand had increased its sales by improving the quality of the services provided and hitting the market with affordable products, lowering at the same time the apple market, a lot of assumptions were stated and clearly the American government has shown which side it’s taking, and the ban is what a lot of people take as a proof.

knowing the public has hight expectations it’s only fair to wait for the results. ( Good luck Huawei )

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