NASOH Ransomware! What is it and what we so far know about it…

NASOH Ransomware! What is it and what we so far know about it…

These past few weeks has been full of ransomware news that spread all over the media and various websites. However, there is now a new ransomware that it is not yet spoken off and it is the Nasoh ransomware or this is what we are supposed to name due to its (.nasoh) extension.

At the moment, we have literally searched and did our best to find the source and how most of Windows users are being affected with it and yet most of them say that they did not download any malicious software as well as these last running the latest Windows security patch therefore we suppose that the ransomware is exploiting a zero-day!

Some other affected users have also said that the ransomware deleted their files and that it is not that quite hard to just recover the files and not pay the ransom. This is not yet to be confirmed.

What happens if you got affected with NASOH Ransomware?

If affected with NASOH ransomware, all your files will be encrypted and their extension would change to .nasoh, a text file will also be created in your desktop in which it displays the following:

We are totally sure that no one will be paying such amounts to a ransomware and you certainly MUST DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS OR EXTORTIONISTS!

D33Onion team